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Yoni Oil - Anti Bacterial & Moisturizing Oil

Yoni Oil - Anti Bacterial & Moisturizing Oil

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  • Moisturizing - The hydrating benefits of feminine oil coupled with the organic ingredients found in yoni essential oil sprays help keep your skin and vaginal moisturized, deeply moisturize and soften.
  • PH Balance Naturally - Different from other feminine hygiene products for women yoni oil is natural which we don’t use any harsh chemicals making strawberry body juice oil spray safe to use for all skin types. To help you feel good and smell fabulous, our feminine vaginal oil blend will help promote balanced PH along with leaving behind a subtle refreshing scent. time-tested effectiveness to get out the vaginal dryness.
  • Improvement - This yoni oil is rich in antioxidants and get you out of dryness and mal odor resulting from workouts and menstruation while also promoting skin tone / elasticity and eliminating odor, sweetening your sacred with the fresh and clean fragrance.
  •  For your daily Vaginal health and optimal hygiene needs. The natural yoni wash oil helps maintain Ph levels; deodorizes; ease discomfort, and keeps your V smelling fresh, and helps with Irregular cycles.


Ingredients: Olive Oil and Coconut Oil


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